¡Dylcia Pagan Presente!

Dylcia Noemi Pagan

It is with great sadness that we, in the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign, announce the passing of this iconic figure in the Puerto Rican Independence movement, both on the island and diaspora.

In her honor and memory this publish this page to educate those who did not know her and the incredible life of sacrifice, courage, strength, and bravery she led.

Dylcia: ¡Presente y Libre Siempre!

Learn more about Dylcia’s journey and that of her son Ernesto by watching the powerful documentary by Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg, The Double Life of Ernesto Gómez Gómez: https://vimeo.com/841327309
To support the Dylcia Pagan’s family with funeral expenses:
Please donate whatever you can in honor of a freedom fighter who dedicated her life to the Motherland and liberation for all. Gracias.
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